The Winnipeg Naturopathic Clinic was created in 1986 and is now the earliest and, probably, the most unassuming naturopathic practice in the state. When Dr. Christopher Turner first opened his doors to patients from 1986, there were just three practicing naturopathic physicians in the state and he had been the first to start a brand new clinic in over thirty decadesago Winnipeg Free Press, February 10, 2009

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  • Wehrle Dr, Buffalo, NY 14225
  • Main Street Winnipeg, MB R3B 0L8
  • Worth of their property agent -- $4040.00 Lot 12 in Block 40, money is $40.00
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  • The naturopathic doctors in the Winnipeg Naturopathic Clinic provide naturopathic medical services to patients of all ages and with health concerns. They strongly embrace the doctrine of naturopathic medicine, are committed to identifying the underlying causes of infection, and ground their treatment programs in natural treatments.

    Treatments are individualized to the individual and are based on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health - nurturing each as essential to achieve overall health. The naturopathic doctorseach bring special strengths, qualifications, and characters to the practice. They work diligently to detect and comprehend every one of the patients and what they will need to attain health. Patients develop in health and knowledge as they find all of the essential ways that they can better their well-being and high quality of life.