I have a very bad habit -- I get a yearning for something and that I live on it and I make my husband drive throughout the city to pick this up. A fantastic new business has opened in Winnipeg that can address this -- Skipthedishes! I believe this is a fantastic idea for an at home date night or specific event -- it is possible to get good excellent delivery without having to pay a sitter! I understand for us about several anniversaries etc. we simply could not get a sitter, would be interesting to purchase from a fantastic restaurant. And best part -- nobody needs to cook or clean up! We also occasionally do specific parties with my grandma who's old and doesn' t want to go out as much anymore, we generally only order whatever is near by -- dreary! We could really pick what we would all desire to eat, rather than only by proximity. Another fantastic idea for this would be to arrange a meal for a busy mom or dad awesome surprise along with the record of restaurants is really long, you can most likely locate one of the favorites. Good idea to get a bday present, girls night in -- or even only for when you do not feel like cooking! What did you believe?